Nganong Puti Ko’g Buhok: My Beauty Plus Story

My hair has always been short from my childhood years up to high school. I’ve only got the courage to grow it longer when I entered college.But in my last year in the university, I realized how boring I looked with long hair and so I decided to chop everything off again for a bob cut.

It was in the year 2012, however, that I made the boldest move to change my image. I had my hair permed. Everyone loved it and thought I had naturally curly hair. I adored it because I didn’t have to comb my hair daily; it was low maintenance, perfect for my hectic schedule. Most of all, it fit my personality best–carefree, adventurous, bold.




Things started to change when I entered law school. With the restrictions imposed by some of my professors, I had to tone down on my hairstyle and fashion altogether. Honestly, it didn’t feel good; I hated it. In fact, there were times when I didn’t want to go to school as the opportunity for me to express the real me’s been totally hampered. Shallow? Maybe. But I work and absorb things best when I am allowed to be me.


In June, I am entering the fourth year of law school (Yay! But no, dili pa ko mugraduate because I chose the five-year executive program designed for working people so the study load is lighter compared to the full-time schedule.) Problem is, I am feeling rebellious again, all thanks to my friend Dannah Duran’s Facebook post. She uploaded images of her new look, which was done by a newly opened salon in my hometown, Canlaon City.

I immediately contacted her to ask her about the services offered and the like. To cut the long story short, my sister and I booked an appointment three days after.

My sister and I then travelled to Canlaon to have our hairstyle done. Mind you, there are tons of big names in the hairstyling industry in Bacolod City but so far, all of them do not get me. I always ended up frustrated with the outcome and I always felt ripped off. They’d ask me to pay heaps of money but I’d never feel beautiful after the session. That is why, it has become hard for me to trust hairstylists because usually, when you show them a picture of how you want your look to be, they’ll confidently say they can achieve it but you go home disappointed.

To travel to Canlaon just to get our hair fixed was a leap of faith. We initially didn’t know who owned the salon; my sister and I just trusted our instinct. And what a leap of faith it was.



Dibaaa, what a transformation!

When I entered the salon, here’s how I looked like:

Now, I am rocking this ‘do. Totally love it!


Finally, I am in my element again.

Of course, I have Beauty Plus Salon to thank for (THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST). Sa wala’y char, Aldrin and Sai-Sai’s skills are totally at par with first-class salons in urban cities. They know what to do with your hair; they’re clearly not in it for the money. If the procedure you’ve chosen will damage your hair further, they’ll discourage you from pursuing it. We’re so used with hairstylists always saying yes to what we want to do with our tresses, but as for the wonderful people in Beauty Plus, a “No!” guarantees you that they only want the best for your prized hair.

So why do I love Beauty Plus Salon? Let me count the ways.

    • Even though it is located in a rural setting, its facilities, equipment, and team are first-class.


    • They don’t re-use towels; everything that touches your hair and shoulders smell fresh and clean.


    • They are air-conditioned, a first for salons in Canlaon City.


    • They take the hairstyling business seriously. The team has undergone training in the Philippines’ capital city that is why they truly know what they are doing.


    • The team may be small but they are efficient. An applause for their system!


    • Their services are not expensive… although Aldrin proposes that bleaching + full color should be prized more.


    • It is owned by Jason Chiefe, a Canlaonian hairstylist who has established a good name in Manila. (His clients are mostly celebrities!)


I am truly elated that finally, an excellent salon has entered Canlaon City. It will definitely change the hairstyling game in my hometown and I am excited for what’s to come. As for law school, I don’t know what repercussion awaits me for choosing to color my hair this way. Whatever it will be, it’ll be totally worth it.

Wooorld, are you ready for me? I am totally back! (#feeler #gibatiugkaanyang)